Vocation Articles

These articles are from various copyrighted sources and should not be reproduced.  They are shared here to be read by and to edify Serra Club members and others interested in vocations.

Seminarian Ryan Adorjan – News  Article from “Vianney News”, Spring 2014

Pope Addresses New Priests  Ordinations May 12, 2014 (from Zenit)

Class of 2014 – Survey of Ordinands to the Priesthood  CARA Report

THE FIRST FIVE YEARS  “How the Church can support young priests in the secular age.”  America Magazine, January 6-13, 2014

Diocese Sees Dramatic Increase in Vocations Florida Times-Union, March 22-23, 2014

What’s Involved in Priestly Formation  Appeared in the 2013 Seminarian Sendoff Program Book

Rite of Ordination  Appeared in the 2009 Seminarian Sendoff Program Book

CARA Vocation Consideration Survey Among Never-Married Catholics 2012

Newman Connection  Serra’s College Connection for Catholics and the Newman Connection unite.